KN95 Mask

Usage COVID-19, Anti-germs, prevent flu, Anti-dust Anti-fog,Anti-haze,Anti-PM2.5 Material pp nonwoven, soft cotton, melt blown filter

Color: White

Style: headband / earloop


Disposable Civilian Mask

Disposable 3ply Non-woven Civilian Surgical Face Mask Corona Dust Respirator Mask

Material: Non-woven Fabric

Color: Blue


Disposable Medical Mask

Medical disposable 3 Ply surgical non- woven medical face masks

Material: 1st layer: 20gsm PP non woven 2rd layer: 20gsm filter paper, BFE>95 &99%

3th layer: 25gsm PP non woven


CE EN 136:1998 Full Face Mask Respiratory Protection Two Filters Anti Gas Mask

Facepiece Type Full Face piece Reusable
Function Can be prevent various organic gases, such as formaldehyde, gasoline, ether, suitable for spray paint, oil, machinery, polishing, dust and other workplaces
Application Applicable to the protection from organic gases and vapors, such as benzene, aniline, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, chloropicrin, chlorine, acetone, alcohol, carbon disulfide, carbon trichloride, bromomethane, nitroalkane, etc. Do not use in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health.
Feature The gas mask made by high grade silica gel, endure the aging , avoiding allergy, durable , easy to clean.
Double-fold the silica gel structure enhanced air tightness and facing fitness
The dual headphone with adjustable straps design more comfortable to wear
Push type and replaceable cartridge
The unique audio device, allowing you to disseminate the messages more clear.


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